Liverpool launch 2023-24 home shirt: Has Nike finally got the Liverpool home jersey design right?

Liverpool and Nike officially launched the club’s all-new home shirt for 2023-24. The 2023-24 Liverpool home shirt is based on the top the Reds wore during the 1973-74 First Division campaign; the final season legendary manager Bill Shankly oversaw the Reds. The new shirt has been called a homage to Shankly.

It isn’t just the 1973-74 top that inspired Nike’s new release, however. At first glance, the new shirt looks like a throwback to the 1960s and late 1990s, with its solid red torso and arms and white collar and detail.

The Reds wore a similar shirt in 1964-65, the season the club won its first-ever FA Cup trophy, defeating Leeds United in the final 2-1. From 1998 to 2000, Liverpool wore a similar top with the same white collar and sleeves produced by Reebok. Although the shirt from the mid-1970s is labelled the inspiration for the new jersey, it isn’t the only top to provide creativity.  

The new shirt is definitely a throwback to Liverpool shirts of yesteryear. It has a classic look and is the perfect follow-up to this season’s home kit, which looks great but has little detail to it.  

The 2023-24 home shirt will be the fourth produced by Nike since taking over from New Balance ahead of the 2020-21 season. Nike’s initial release left much to be desired by many Liverpool fans. Its white and green collar felt out of place. Nike likely sought to create a top very different to the much-loved New Balance jerseys that recalled Liverpool’s successes of the 1980s.  

Nike’s second offering only did slightly better, with its hyper-red diagonal lines. Rather than appeal to long-time, dedicated fans, the 2021-22 shirt seemed like an attempt to appeal to new, younger fans.  

Both shirts seemed to show Nike’s lack of understanding of the history and legacy of the Liverpool shirt. Liverpool’s traditions and history mean the home kit cannot be randomly altered with colours and squiggly lines. The 2021-22 shirt felt like Nike was trying to reinvent the wheel regarding Liverpool tops.  

Liverpool will wear the new home kit for the final match of the regular season against Aston Villa.  

Jordan Henderson spoke about the new home jersey following its release, saying: “The new home shirt is a classic. Given the inspiration behind the design it feels iconic and a nod to the history of this great club. We’re looking forward to wearing it at Anfield for the Villa game.” 

Nike has finally got their design right when it comes to Liverpool shirts. However, the sportswear giant had to find inspiration from classic Liverpool jerseys.  

Has Liverpool’s Nike home shirts been an overall disappointment? It is difficult to say, but the manufacturer has improved as a kit designer with the last two Liverpool home shirt releases. The away kits are another story.


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