Naby Keita’s Ridonculous Shin Pads — Are Super Small Shinnies the Latest Bad Football Fad?

Everyone knows about Jack Grealish’s love of small shin pads, which he uses to make his calves look larger than they are. If you have children who play junior football, like I do, then you are likely to have seen kids on football pitches across England wearing small shin guards, pushing their socks down, and having bad ’90s style haircuts. Heaven help us.

Grealish’s small shin pads have nothing on the extremely small shin guards worn by Naby Keita. Keita’s extra-small shinnies were brought to my attention last week, not long before Paul Pogba’s dangerous tackle on the Liverpool man.

Despite the size of Keita’s leg protectors, they wouldn’t have saved him from Pogba’s horror challenge.

Keita’s square, extra-small shin guards are difficult to explain. They look like the packaging a pair of Apple Airpods come in. It may not be long until kids around Merseyside — and the rest of England — are sporting Keita’s shin guard style.

Small shin pads are the latest fad in football in the same vein as snoods, vapo-rub on the chest, and nasal strips across the nose.

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