Liverpool 2021-22 third kit leaked

Images of Liverpool’s 2021-22 third kit have been a poorly kept secret — similar to the home and away kits that recently launched. I have seen images of the new kits online since the beginning of the June and even some knockoff kits have been advertised on various websites including Ebay and AliExpress.

Like the home and away kits made by Nike, the new third kit will likely split the opinion of supporters as the American sportswear brand continues to make products that are more miss than hit for the Anfielders.

The new Liverpool 2021-22 third kit will see the team wear yellow once more. It has been some time since the club wore yellow, and I must say, I am excited for the return of the colour. Yellow is one of the classic Liverpool away kit colours and comes as a nice change from black.

This image comes from the great website that is Footy Headlines.

There was a time in the late 1990s and early 2000s that yellow was a regular away colour. However, since the 2006-07 Adidas-made yellow kit, Liverpool have donned the colour just once. Warriors 2014-15 yellow kit was another excellent release.

The team’s away/third kits have routinely been black over the last decade. The decision to continue with black, which we saw black away/third kits in each of the last two campaigns, was likely down to the amount of shirts sold to fans.

Liverpool 2021-22 third kit is a breathe of fresh air. In my opinion, Nike’s kits releases have been poor for Liverpool, but the third kits for last season and this season have been their best work with the club. I also like the 2021-22 away kits. However, Nike just cannot get the home shirt right. Unfortunately, it feels like Nike are not trying very hard.

The kit below was originally claimed to be the Liverpool 2021-22 third kit. I actually like it far more than the one we are expected to get in August.

Like a lot of supporters, I miss the excellent kits that New Balance produced for the club. If you want to look back at past Liverpool away/third kits, take a look here.

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