Liverpool launch 2020-21 home kit… I’m sure it will grow on me

For the past few months leaked photos have emerged online of Liverpool’s debut Nike home kit for 2020-21. If you had been looking on eBay, there were even some sellers already advertising the new shirt — whether knockoffs or not — making today’s launch a bit subdued for those that had seen them.

The new season marks the first of Liverpool’s incredible deal with Nike that could be worth as much as £100 million a year as long as royalties and certain sales marks are achieved.

Liverpool’s last three seasons with New Balance as the kit manufacturer were brilliant with the America company getting the team’s home and away shirts spot on.

The debut from Nike certainly leaves something to be desired. The shirt adds green to the collar and sleeves while placing white stripes down the torso. This season’s shirt has done away with the yellow/gold badge and accent. In its place is white. The red is also a lighter shade than in the last few seasons under New Balance.

While the kit doesn’t look terrible it just doesn’t feel like a solid debut from America’s premier sportswear company. It is nice to see Nike use inspiration from Liverpool’s past. The green collar and sleeves is a callback to the 1993-94 top.

I’m not the only one to be disappointed. Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new designs.

I’m sure the new kit will grow on me. I was just such a fan of the New Balance era. At least the club didn’t go back to Adidas.

Are these the away and third kits?

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