Away days: Liverpool’s best away kits 2000-2019; Adidas 2007-08

In away days, we take a look at Liverpool’s best away kits from 2000 to 2019. These may not be the favourite kits of all or even many Liverpool supporters, but these were some of the away shirts I fell in love with.

This time, we look at one of Liverpool’s best away kits which comes from the 2007-08 season. It was actually the club’s third shirt or European away kit. Unfortunately, I don’t remember this kit being worn often at all. Perhaps it only made it onto the backs of players a few times.

Liverpool’s other away kit was a classic looking white shirt/black shorts/white socks combination. The white away shirt meant Liverpool didn’t need to wear their third kits often, if at all.

Liverpool 2007-08 third kit

Liverpool’s 2007-08 kits were supplied by Adidas. It marked the second year that the German sports manufacturer had been tasked with making Liverpool’s kits. Reebok had been the Reds’ kit supplier previously and made some pretty standout kits looking back now.

One of my biggest arguments with Adidas made kits is they tend to look all the same. There is always the three stripes that run down the shoulder and/or sleeves. As Liverpool’s deal with Adidas continued in the noughties and into the teens, it felt like every shirt Liverpool had was worn by another team in Europe or had just been recycled from a previous one.

In 2007-08, the shirts still looked and felt fresh, however. Liverpool’s third kit featured a black shirt for the first time since 2002-03 and 2003-04. Like the shirt three years prior, Adidas placed the Liverpool badge in the centre of the chest and a red swirl was featured on the shirt going from the neck down the front to the shorts.

Adidas’ classic three stripes were on the sleeves. The shorts also featured the three stripes going down the hips.

Liverpool mixed and matched the black shirts in their few times wearing them. The Reds were able to combine them with white shorts and black socks as they did in the Premier League. Against Marseille in the Champions League, Rafael Benitez’s team wore the black tops with black shorts and black socks against the all-white wearing French team.

It has been almost 12 seasons since Liverpool wore these Adidas made kits. In seven seasons they have had black shirts or full black kits. Yet, somehow these kits standout more than others. I bought a Xabi Alonso No. 14 black 2007-08 black shirt which I still love. Unfortunately, it resides in my wardrobe year-round as I can no longer fit into it. How was I ever that thin?

The 2020-21 season will see Liverpool change kit providers once more with claims that they will receive the biggest deal in Premier League history. Although Nike is the frontrunners for the contract, which would be great, Adidas has been floated around as possible replacements for New Balance. With Adidas’ kits fresh in my mind still, I’m hoping for Nike to become Liverpool’s new kit maker if New Balance is truly finished with the Anfielders.

What do you think? Are the 2007-08 third kits one of Liverpool’s best away kits from 2000 to 2019? Let’s know which kits you liked the best ahead of our next article. 

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